Talent Recruitment

One of the hardest things and business or employer must do is hire the right candidate. You can spend months sifting through resumes, conducting rounds of interviews, and still not find the person who best fits the need of your business. At the same time, you hired several recruiting agencies, who have not produced a truly qualified candidate, and you’ve gone through several expensive temporary employees.

Let Us Help Make The Right Decisions For Your Business

Why put yourself through the stress and aggravation of dealing with this issue yourself, or put it in the hands of five different recruiters who cannot satisfy your needs?

 At Edge Business Solutions we take the stress, aggravation, and discomfort out of the hiring process.  Whether you are hiring entry-, mid-, or executive-level professionals, Edge can streamline everything for you. While we use some similar methods, we have access to not only local employees but also candidates all over the country willing to make a move for the right position.

  • Place advertisements in the employment community locally and or nationwide, depending on your position needs

  • Accept all resumes through our service

  • Weed through all the candidates that do not meet the job requirements

  • Personally interview every candidate that makes the initial cut

  • Hold the second round of interviews

  • Fully investigate all candidates with background checks, educational credential checks, national criminal record background checks, security clearances, and any and all references

  • A full potential employee profile is put together for each candidate who makes it through all the background checks

  • Resumes and profiles are presented to you for your review

  • You hold final interviews

We take this immense task off your plate and allow you to dedicate your time to other company needs. We bring you the right candidate(s) so your choice is easy.

When considering your next hire(s), let Edge Business Solutions find the perfect candidate.

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