QuickBooks Accounting Services

QuickBooks Accounting Services

QuickBooks is the number one accounting software for businesses because it can meet the reporting requirements of a wide range of businesses — but only if it’s customized properly from the beginning. Edge Business Solutions helps our clients get maximum mileage from their accounting software.

Software Setup

Edge Business Solutions helps our clients get maximum mileage from their accounting software. If you’re a novice who’s just getting started, we can install your QuickBooks software, set up the system, and train you and your staff on its use. Once you’re up and running, we can provide all the support you need to keep your accounts organized, accurate, and current, making your quarterly and year-end tax preparations easier than ever. We’re also available to answer questions and review your QuickBooks file throughout the year to be certain you stay on track, ensuring you grow your business with full confidence in the accuracy of your financial information.

With our tips and support, key features like invoicing, paying bills, managing vendor information, and running reports will only be a few clicks away, and preparing for tax time will take minimal effort.

Support, Training, and Review

One reason QuickBooks has emerged as the most popular accounting software for businesses is its ease of use, but your staff must be properly trained. That’s where Edge Business Solutions can help.

With setup services and ongoing support, we’ve helped many business owners get the most from their QuickBooks investment right from the beginning. We can:

• Help you identify the best version of QuickBooks software to meet your specific needs

• Set up and install your QuickBooks software

• Determine and set up the appropriate accounts for your business — payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, etc.

• Conduct on-site QuickBooks training

• Review and clean up your QuickBooks file

• Provide ongoing QuickBooks support

Quickbooks File Review

QuickBooks file review services include:

• Review the chart of accounts to ensure the correct accounts are being used to effectively record your business activity

• Review placement of the accounts: Is gross margin accurately reflected? Are sales and marketing accounts or administrative accounts grouped correctly? On the balance sheet, are current and long-term assets and liabilities correctly stated?

• Look for incorrect balances in your current financial statements: negative amounts that should be positive, accounts that don’t change balances from year to year, large balances in accounts that should not have them, misclassified revenue and expenses, improper use of Items, negative inventory, negative receivables, large amounts in undeposited funds, receivable balances that are incorrect, etc.

• Examine profit and loss trends over time (months, quarters, and years) to identify incorrectly classified expenses or missing expenses.

• Review the file size, database fragments, and whether you are using the correct version on QuickBooks.

• Determine if all appropriate and necessary features are being used correctly

• Review your list of users and their permissions

• Reviewing various templates to ensure they are set up with proper information, logos, any other necessary information

• Review open sales and purchase orders

Quickbooks File
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